Photo Ann Kos Edwards
Department of Anthropology
University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148


Courses Taught
Peoples of the World Urban Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology European Village Communities
Food and Culture Ethnicity in Contemporary Society
University Success America as a Foreign Culture
Introductory Sociology Ethnic America in Miniature
Modern Social Problems Behavior Modification
Sociology of Education Juvenile Delinquency
Multi-Cultural Education

Originally from Croatia, Ann Edwards attended the University of Zagreb and the University of Belgrade. In the former Yugoslavia, Ann taught English Literature before moving to the United States in 1965. She studied anthropology and sociology at Brooklyn College and received her Masters degree in Anthropology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Ann has been an Instructor of Anthropology at the University of New Orleans since 1981, and has taught courses in anthropology and sociology at Loyola University, Holy Cross College, and Delgado Community College. Ann has also taught anthropology with the University of New Orleans summer programs in Austria, Costa Rica, and Italy.

Ann has been working with international students for many years. She has designed the course titled, "America as a Foreign Culture." This course helps international students integrate into mainstream American culture through interaction with American students who in turn, learn about foreign cultures.

Ann's areas of interest include research of ethnic groups, specifically Croatians from the Slavonian, Dalmatian, and Bosnian regions who first settled in the New Orleans area almost two centuries ago.